Lingerie is HOT!!!

Naked is great and definitely Nawty but… there is just something about a Garterbelt or a Sexy Corset that can really send the Nawty meter off the chart!

If you really want to live Nawty it’s time to embrace the sexy undies. Something like this sexy Satin and Lace Gartered Chemise from Cute N Kinky Lingerie is so damn hot! You can’t help but feel sexy in it. Afraid it’s just going to get tossed on the floor in the first few seconds? Why not use it as a tease. Try putting this on and then tie your man to the bed. Pick up a romance novel and read him something hot while sitting on top of him. When he’s about to pop get up and walk around the room while still reading to him. Drag one finger down his chest and stomach and then stop just before you get to his…. He should be as hard as a rock right about now. Perfect, just where you want him. Now comamand your slave to pleasure you however you want. With just his tongue maybe or blind fold him and make him use his hands to get you off before you return the favor. What ever you choose it will be all about your pleasure. THAT is what the Nawty Life is all about!