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Spicing Up Date Night

Anyone who’s been married for a while knows how important it is to share a good solid ‘Date Night’ on a regular basis. The problem is even that can get a little stale after a while. Dinner and a movie is fun but a little predictable and that’s the problem. To be really fun, date night needs to be a[…]

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Holiday Shopping Guide

Tis the season and all that…. It’s time to dust off your gift giving skills and settle for yet another boring gift for your wife. Why? Why does she need another pair of slippers or a necklace? I’m not saying she can’t use them or won’t enjoy it but why not think a little harder this year and get her[…]

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Celebrate Father’s Day Right

This Sunday is father’s day again and all across the country dads will be opening presents their loving families got for them to say we love you. This means a flood of neck ties, power tools, golf ballsĀ  and other sporting goods they are going to be so happy to get. Well, maybe just the power tools. These are fine[…]

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