Spicing Up Date Night

Anyone who’s been married for a while knows how important it is to share a good solid ‘Date Night’ on a regular basis. The problem is even that can get a little stale after a while. Dinner and a movie is fun but a little predictable and that’s the problem.

To be really fun, date night needs to be a little unpredictable. Check out a few of these ideas and see if any sound like something you might want to try on your next Date Night.

Going out to a Comedy Club – It’s hard not to have fun while laughing. Just be careful to choose an act that you will actually find funny. Nothing worse than crowded club, a 2 drink minimum and a hack on stage.

Guys, Take you Girl Dancing – Most guys hate dancing but the exact opposite is true of women. Ladies generally love dancing and guys should too.  If you want to put date night into overdrive get out on the dance floor and shake what ya got! You don’t have to be good at it but you do have to try.  Tips here are to find clubs where you fit in. You will have a lot more fun if you actually know some of the songs they are playing and the other people there are older than your babysitter. There is always a club for every taste  so look around and I’m sure you’ll find one near you.

Hotel Night – Get a room at a local hotel and relive some of your younger days with a wild night of passion and romance. Why not make a game out of doing it on every flat surface in the whole room except the bed. You could always do the old cliche` thing and pretend to be strangers in the hotel bar… It’s corny but kind of hot, right?

Power Outage – Get a bunch of candles, some champagne, a bucket of ice and throw the circuit breakers. Grab a boom box for some tunes and just sit and talk to your lover. Get some take out from your favorite Chinese Restaurant, turn the phones off and see where the night takes you.  I bet you’ll have a lot more fun than you ever thought possible. Just don’t think of trying this on a big sports night or something.

Spa Day –  Sounds weird but it can be fantastic for a couple to do together. Think about it, you and your partner get pampered and you don’t have to lift a finger but still get all the credit. It’s genius!

So, what are your favorite Date Nights? Let us know below



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