Don’t Jump The Shark

We all like to explore and expand our fantasies but when is it going too far? I think we all know what “Jump The Shark” means, right? It refers to that infamous episode of Happy Days when The Fonz literally jumped a shark on water skis. They went way too far and it killed the show. In this context it means be careful not to go too far as there are some things you can’t walk back. Be sure you know how you are going to feel about this tomorrow before you try it tonight…

Exploring the world of sexual fantasy is WONDERFUL! Fetish play is so much fun when it’s done right. Role playing can really turn you standard 6 moves and a nap routine into something you actually look forward to doing. Lets face it, sex is great but if it’s just about the physical it can get a little repetitive at times. If you don’t involve the mind you really are only doing it half way.The 50 shades books prove that most women are holding back something inside them. Most want to let it out but don’t know how or are scared. Those that can be honest about what they want are often labeled Sluts or Nymphos. Why are those bad terms? Good girls can be nymphos, right?

We all have fantasies, fetishes and kinks that really get us horny. Exploring them is what great sex is all about BUT, you have to know where the limits are. Going too far is a real danger, even if you have been with your partner for a long time. Role playing Doctor and Nurse is pretty safe but watching your wife to jerk off some guy from Craigslist is one those moments you can’t undue! Before you go THAT far you’d better know what is too far for you. If you’re a Cuck embrace it and find a woman who like doing that for you. If you just like to watch porn then stick with porn. Ladies, did you know that most guys loose all control over decision making about the time they get an erection? If you ask them to try something AFTER  you started blowing them I’m sure 99 times out 100 they are going to say yes. That doesn’t mean they actually want to or won’t regret it later. It just means they are past the point of saying no to pretty much anything. DO NOT think this is a free pass to try or say anything. They will remember what happened and it will change things so start slowing. Costumes like the ones you can get from stores like Naughty Wife Lingerie are fun but dressing your man up like Little-Bo-Peep and making him ride your strapon maybe more than he’s ready or willing to do. That doesn’t mean he won’t but it could get weird later. Guys, getting you woman to pee all over you might be something you can talk her into but she might not feel as happy about that in the morning. Don’t jump the shark!

Knowing what turns you partner on is the most important thing. Get them to open up and pleasure them the way to want to be pleasured. At the same time let them know what gets you hot and I’m sure they will be more than happy to return the favor. Start slowly and know what you and your partner are ready for. Talk about it. If you are honest and open about what you want and what your limits are then you have nothing to fear from exploring your fantasies with someone you trust.