Diary of a Hotwife, Part 2. Date Night

Let’s see, where did I leave you all hanging? Lest I wrote I told you a little about what it means to BE a Hotwife and how much fun we have. Now, let me tell you a little about how you BECOME a Hotwife. It’s not just picking up strangers in a bar and taking them home. To do this right it takes a solid rulebook and hard work. Let me explain…

First, there are different types of Hotwife/Cuckold relationships out there. You have the dom and slave type, the humiliation experience and the bisexual couples. They can all have a bit of all three types in them as well. You can tie your husband to a chair and make him watch, screaming out how good the Bull is making you feel. Add a little, “His Cock is so much bigger than yours” and you add the humiliation aspect. Making your husband suck your toes while you get fucked is always fun, if you are into that. Make him suck something else if HE is into that! Turns out about half of all cuckolds are bisexual. Even the straightest guy can be talked into sucking a cock at the right moment. That may seem shocking but it’s true! If he is willing to let you have sex with another man in front of him he’s probably willing to do a lot of things. You might not want to push that too soon but talking to him while giving the Bull head and asking how hot this looks is a great way to find out!

OK, so I’m a little of track here. Forgive me. I’m not a professional writer. The point I was trying to make was this is a lifestyle that has many variations. Explore and experience as much as you want to. For us, we like a little of everything, but easy on the humiliation. I hottest times are when I just feel sexy and loved. My husband telling me how beautiful I am and how sexy I look getting fucked by that big cock. Knowing he is getting off as much as I am makes it feel like we are doing this together. For me that is the best.  Watching him suck the cum off a big black cock just after it fucked me is pretty awesome too! Looking down as he is eating the cum out of my pussy is so hot! He’s a good little cuck!

So, how do you get started? First, layout the ground rules. For us that is a safe word that stops everything! Either one of us can say it and we both know it means this is over, NOW! Second, establish trust. It is best if you meet the bull together in a neutral place. Go out to some crappy restaurant like TGI Fridays or Chili’s. NEVER invite a stranger into your home. It’s best if the Bull has no idea where you live. The husband should make all the calls. He is in charge of when and where this happens and it only ever happens together. You get into trouble when the Hotwife starts pulling in guys on her own. That is a much more advanced stage of this lifestyle. For now stick with the basics! First thing is to get a prepaid cellphone just for this. NEVER give anyone your actual phone number or address. Sign up for Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder. NEVER use Craig’s List to find a guy unless you really want to get robbed, raped or worse. There are plenty of guys on there in the personals but that is just asking for trouble. The guys who know how to behave use the two sites I mentioned. When your cuck makes the call it’s fun to sit next to him and make him say the words, “I would like you to fuck my wife” right in front of you. If he can’t say that he’s never going to able to handle watching you with another man. Again, meet somewhere public first. See if you click. Make sure he is clean and healthy. Ask when his last STD test was. These guys get them regularly and many carry the report with them. If it’s all good and you both agree setup a date at a motel on the other side of town. Let him know what you want him to do and any special role playing or other requests you may have. If your cuck is bi make sure that if OK with your Bull. Some guys are not into that so make sure before hand. Also, ALWAYS use a condom. I know you see movies on the internet where the Hotwife gets a creampie and the husband licks it up. Don’t do that with a stranger. IF you know the guy really well and IF he get a full medical checkup and is cleared of all diseases AND you trust the shit out of him then MAYBE you can let the Bull cum in you. If not, bag it and be safe!

On the night of your first date it is important that husband and wife spend a little time together first. Dress in front of your husband and let him help pick out your outfit maybe. It would be good if you got new lingerie for this date. Something that has no emotional ties between you and your husband. It’s the first time, try to take it easy on the shock and drama. When your date gets there have some drinks maybe, talk a little if that helps. Start slow. Let him touch you, undress you and caress you. In other words, some solid foreplay is a great idea. This gets everyone worked up slowly and thoroughly. Before you know it you will all be ready together to go to the next level, sex!

That moment as the head of the Bulls cock slides inside you it feels like a lightning bolt going through your body. The anticipation that led up to this moment can be overwhelming! My husband says he can almost feel it right along with me. Now the real fun begins. The way you fuck a stranger is completely different than you’d fuck your husband. It’s dirty, hot and nasty! It’s not about love or emotion, it’s about pleasure! Let yourself go. Dive into the moment and squeeze every last drop of ecstasy from it as you can. You will find yourself doing things you don’t normally do. Talk dirty. Tell your husband how good it feels. Tell him you love him and how much you love this cock in you. That is all OK, your husband paid for the full show, so to speak, give it to him! If this is your first time then when it’s over tell the Bull to split. Now just lay in bed with your husband and hold each other. Tell him you love him and how amazing he is. Thank him for letting you do that and then fuck the shit out of him! Give him the ride of his life. THAT is how to get a second date night to happen!

I don’t know about you but I need a cigarette! That just got me so worked up thinking about our first time. The hubby is going to get jumped tonight for sure!


Hotwife Karen