Lifestyle Vacations

One of the best parts about being open is getting to meet new people and experience new things. What better way to than to take Lifestyle vacations? These days it’s easy to have a great, safe time with other like minded couples out there. Want to take a cruise? Google ‘Lifestyle Cruises‘ and see everything that’s available. From full boat charters to smaller groups and clothing optional destination, there are tons of options for the open traveler.
Looking for a resort to go let loose? Caliente Resorts has a few options for you to explore. They have a resort in Tampa and one in the Dominican Republic. Both are well know and they offer plenty of specials for those looking to get their feet wet so to speak. Check out the offer here to get your lifestyle travel vacation started for cheap! Just remember to bring lots of sunscreen, condoms and an open mind!


Another Great place to start your search is Dream Pleasure Tours. They pretty much have just about everything you can imagine available all over the world. From resorts to cruises, hotels and more. If you want to see the world naked this is a great place to start your journey.