Bitchin’ Kitchen’s Nadia G

Nadia G's Bitchen KitchenIf you do not know who Nadia G is prepare to be amazed!
This smokin’ hottie is as talented and funny as she is beautiful. She hosts Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen on Cooking Channel. Hailing from Montreal, Canada this singer/comedian/chef/designer made a name for herself on the web making cool videos in her kitchen that featured her serious cooking talents, learned from years of growing up Italian. That launched her career and her show was picked up by Food Network Canada in 2010. That took off with fans and soon the show was being aired in the US too on Cooking Channel. It’s on Wednesday Nights at 10 ET and SHOULD NOT BE MISSED! BTW, if you are into feet or shoes you are going to love her! If that is not really your thing prepare to have it become your thing. Seriously, she is really into shoes!

The show is less a cooking show and more a comedy show that takes place in a kitchen but she still delivers some awesome grub and inventive recipes. Seriously, I know she is Canadian and all but easy on the Maple Syrup bro!  Watch the show and you’ll get that reference.

If you want to know more Google her or go to her website, Bitchin’ Lifestyle. You’ll be so glad you did! She has tons of cool stuff for sale, Videos, Pics and other fun stuff to help get you started on your addiction. Warning – once you go G, you can never go back to Paula Dean….