SoloFlesh, The Ultimate Toy for Guys

It’s not everyday that something new comes along in the world of personal pleasure devices. Sure they are always changing something or coming up with a new version of something but I’m talking about something COMPLETELY new! Something that has never been thought of. When you are talking about toys for men the list is even shorter.  The SoloFlesh is that brand new idea, and it’s a good one! It’s hard to think of anything for guys that is truly inspiring. The fleshlight is very popular but lets face it, not much to look at. While it does feel good it’s not really “Realistic” in anyway, is it? Enter the SoloFlesh.

interior_closeupIt’s a brilliant idea really. Make something that is affordable, easily stored away and feels as much like the real thing as you can get. Because it fills with warm water it mimics the feeling of a real vagina. It also does not use any kind of springs, bands or stretch to give the feeling of tightness. It uses the water to push in from all sides equally. It’s just enough pressure to give that life like sensation all other male toys wish they had. The inner sleeve has just a slight texture that mimics the real thing, like it should be. They don’t rely on ridges or bumps to add fake stimulation. The reason for this is they don’t have to. It’s feels very real and very good! Try it and you’ll be amazed and just how good.

Clean up is very easy with the SoloFlesh. The inner sleeve is open at the top to allow easy clean up and the rest is just washed down with some water and hand soap. There is nothing to take apart and no pockets or anything like that for “Stuff” to get stuck in. That’s a big advance in this market.

front_closeupAs for using it…. It’s a little heavier than you might be expecting but then it’s full of water so…. you really should have seen that coming. That weight takes a little getting used to but it also make the SoloFlesh work and feel so good. The water has it’s own mass and moves on it’s own to some extent. That is a good thing, a very good thing. You can try putting it on the bathroom counter and rock it back and forth or bounce it on your lap if you like. One you get comfortable with it the weight is the best part. You could also fill it with air like a balloon but then you’d miss the warmth and weight. Lube it up with just a little  of the supplied sample of Astroglide or your favorite water based lube and it stays lubed for a long time. Because the inner sleeve is collapsed  when not in use it is not expose to the air. It doesn’t dry out and get sticky and stays ready to use much longer that with other toys you might have tried. Again, huge advantage to the SoloFlesh. The one thing to know is that when you are done…. the inner sleeve will collapse when you pull out and all the “stuff” inside will be pushed out. Might want to have a towel handy….

When you order yours, and you will, you get to choose the skin color you want. Both come with a sample of Astroglide lube, a user guide and a very plain white box that your mail carrier will not suspect contain your new best friend in the whole wide world! Read your direction on how to fill the SoloFlesh, what NOT to do with it and how to care for it. If you want it to last you have to treat it right. Do not overfill it. Honestly, more water is NOT going to make it work better. DO NOT lay on top of it. It’s not meant for that and will explode. Do you wanna have to explain why there is two gallons of water everywhere? I didn’t think so. Just fill up your SoloFlesh, turn the lights down low and turn some music on. It’s time to have some fun!


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