Diary of a Hotwife

int_6bThe world is made up of all kinds of people who enjoy all kinds of different things. I am one of those people. I am a Hotwife. My husband and I are very much in love. We have a great, honest, open and trusting relationship and we are best friends. He is amazing and I respect him deeply. It just so happens that we both like it when I get fucked by another man in front of him. My husband is a cuckold. He enjoys watching me get fucked. I enjoy getting fucked. It’s nice when things work out like that, huh? For many of you I’m sure your heads are spinning and you are passing judgements as fast as they can come of of your mouth. Stop right there! You don’t know me, my husband or anything about us. We are very normal people. We do not have any kids. My husband and I both have great jobs and we NEVER share this part of our life with the people around us. To all our friends we are just two people in love who like to travel a lot. If you would like to take a second and read ALL of this maybe I can explain a little about our lifestyle and maybe you’ll see that we are not so terrible after all. Please excuse a lot of the vagueness to my writing about the details. Anonymity is very important to people like us.

We have been married for a number of years. We are more in love today than ever. As many couples know after a few years the magic wears off and the wild and crazy sex tends to get fewer and farther between. Face it, at some point you’d done it all, right? WRONG! One night while having sex and watching porn my husband made a comment about how good the girl looked getting fucked by that big black cock (also know as a BBC). I happened to blurt out something about me looking good with that cock in me too. My husband exploded inside me about 2 seconds after that. He said it was the best orgasm he had had in a while. That was it. Nothing was said about it and frankly I never really gave it another thought. Hubby on the other hand was still thinking about it. The idea stuck in his head and he didn’t know what to do about it. Was he crazy? Why would a man want to see his wife get fucked by a BBC! Still, he could not shake the idea. Next time we watched that video his comments started a little earlier and were a little dirtier and more nasty. That is when I first got the idea he was serious about this.

After sex I asked him about it. Was he serious or was it just him talking dirty. At first he was shy. The man who 10 minutes earlier was fucking my ass and telling me he wished that BBC was deep in my cunt fucking me so he could feel it in me was suddenly shy about it. Heat of the moment, things get said, I get it but this was more than that. This was something I could tell he wanted to happen. Why, what, how, who? All great questions running through my head. Did my husband not love me anymore? Was he gay and just now figuring it out? Did he just want to fuck other women and he thought this was his best chance? At that point I had never heard of a Hotwife, Cuckolding or a Bull. I did not know anything about this world I was about to become a part of or what was ahead of me. Frankly I was a little scared. Was this the end of my marriage? Turns out…NO! It was the beginning of the best chapter of our lives. I just wish we had figured this out sooner.

The question I think you are asking now is what is your Normal day like? Do you and your husband still have normal sex? Has anything changed between you two? The answer is, we are great. I love and respect him more today than ever. We have great sex and he pleasures me endlessly. Our dirty talk might be a little more dirty than yours but we still have normal sex all the time. BTW, I hate the world normal. What is normal anyways? What we do is normal to us. What you do is not normal to us. Once you stop trying to make the world revolve around your idea of normal you might just find out you have a lot of  new things to try! Get out there and live life! If for you that is a couples massage and a nice dinner out then great! Want to swing? Great! Just live life together and it will be so much more fun!

Since this is my first post for Daily Nawty I figured I’d just let you know a little about us and a little about our lifestyle. I’ll be back to write a lot more about our adventures. Maybe even help you find your own path to becoming a Hotwife… Until then!


Hotwife Karen

BTW, that pic is not of me but I wish it was….. She looks like she is about to have some fun!

Leave me some comments, ask some questions or just tell me I’m a slut and I’m going to hell. I’m used to that by now. If you want to send me an email I’d love to hear from you. hotwifekaren@dailynawty.com

I will not send you pics. I do not have a porn site, we have never shot a video that will ever be shown to the world and we do not take requests. DON’T ASK!

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  1. Welcome Hotwife Karen to Daily Nawty. We can’t wait to see all the great stuff you are going to write here. Everyone be nice. She is testing the waters to see if this whole internet thing is for her. Don’t go scaring her away on the first day!

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