Sexiest Woman Alive 2013

2013-10-07-esq3We have to admit, Esquire seems to be doing pretty good at picking the Sexiest Woman Alive. This year they have selected Scarlett Johansson and we really like their choice, again! I mean, c’mon. This girl is true movie star in the best possible way. She is gorgeous, smart and can totally kick ass! This is actually her second time at the top of Esquire’s list and she is the only person to hold that honor. If you are not already in love with her there are going to be plenty of chances to find out why she is so amazing. There are a bunch of new movies that are coming out soon including a horror flick set in Scotland that sounds creepy! We can’t wait for that! I hear she is putting the leathers back on for some more Avengers action. That is a can’t miss for every red blooded man (and more than a few women out there). So, from all of us here at Daily Nawty we would like to congratulate Scarlett Johansson on being the sexiest women alive, once again!

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